I'm Jamar Palmer

I am a Temple University student, focused on improving my expertise every single day. After earning numerous tech certifications, I've found programming to be the most enjoyable. New fascinating technologies emerge constantly and implementing them into my projects provides both challenge and satisfaction.
I love stimulating myself with new activities constantly as an open perspective is very beneficial in development as well as any other situation. My hobbies include bass guitar practice, Spanish improvement, exercising, cooking (poorly), and watching sports/anime/romantic comedies featuring Adam Sandler.

Jamar Palmer


Temple University

B.S. Information Sciences and Technology

Temple University's College of Science and Technology does a fantastic job at providing opportunities to foucs on the concentration of your choosing. I was able to get strong infrastructure knowledge while advancing my programming skills.


CompTIA certifications are excellent tests to validate one's expertise in a field. The A+ focuses on gaining the problem solving mentality that is imperative for every IT professional. The Network+ covers cloud and networking technologies and maintenance. The Security+ covers policies and practices along with vulnerablility assessment and penetration testing.

A+ Net+ Sec+


Software Engineer Intern

United States Liability Insurance

This company allows for interns to branch out and gain experience equal to that of a full-time position. What started as writing simple scripts and improving documentation evolved into application development once I was acclimated. Using C# and JavaScript, we created new forms and additions to the intranet while unit testing for safe integration. The automation of some tasks using Python in conjunction with Azure, proved to be beneficial self-study.

Retail Store Associate

CVS Pharmacy

I believe that all people should work a retail/customer-oriented job for a brief period and I got this experience with CVS. The social skills that are obtained through constant interaction is invaluable and networking can be surprisingly fruitful. Small management roles allowed me to gain leadership experience and time management was crucial for completing the daily duties.


Hoot Hoot

Hoot Hoot is a web application, exclusive to Temple University students, allowing them to register using their student IDs and browse available courses. They can give feedback through comments and register for courses, while the administrators manage the collection of courses to ensure they are updated. Using C# and ASP.NET, I designed the web forms and postback behavior. SOAP web services were used to create accounts and RESTful APIs were used for course registration. All information was stored in a database which had predefined stored procedures through Microsoft Transact-SQL. Finally, Bootstrap facilitated the design and AJAX improved UX.

Capstone Project

This is a team based project, covering all phases of the SDLC through systems analysis. We build a user interface using Microsoft Power BI for the Temple University Harrisburg branch, allowing them to quickly gather data on Continuing Education students. Various models were built such as use case diagrams and traceability matrices to ensure that the project was aligned from start to finish.

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